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The tenth anniversary of HCCH

CLICK:2410    SOURCE:Jiangsu China Hecheng Display Technology Co.,Ltd    DATE:2015-09-02

        2015, the company entered the 10th year. In this decade, haven’t change the ambition though company was small at the beginning , haven’t stopped the pace of progress though encountered difficulties in the middle, not arrogant though made some achievements at present.
       Ten years of efforts, has not only witnessed the vigorous development of LCD industry in China, but also witnessed the company from small to large, from weak to strong, and eventually developed into the backbone of China’s liquid crystal material industry.

Hard start, ten years of dream

       In 2005, several like-minded friends started from scratch, founded HCCH. At that time, the company only has a dozen people even with founders. Must be responsible for R & D, management and sales ,etc. No equipment, no funds, coupled with the technology and the market for liquid crystal materials, 95% have been monopolized by Japan and Germany, and even look up the information is very difficult.
       However, with unremitting efforts, HCCH developed the first generation of color liquid crystal display (CSTN) liquid crystal materials in 2007. Performance is comparable with foreign products, the price is only 70% of imported products. After the launch of the product, company got the praise of domestic customers, and the market share reached 70%. From 2007 to 2009, more than half of the profits got from the series of products, the successful development let HCCH earn the first pot of gold.
       Since then, HCCH made continuous innovation on technology and a number of major breakthroughs, won the favor of all levels of government projects, which helped the company walking smoothly on the road of chasing dream.
       2009, HCCH developed TFT-LCDmaterial won the support of the major scientific and technological achievements transformation project of Jiangsu Province.
Under the special funds support from provincial science and Technology Department, the company not only established R & D center and the mixed liquid crystal factory in Baixia science and Technology Park, also acquired the large panel plant to enter the standard requirements of expensive testing instruments. The implementation of the project of scientific and technological achievements has laid the foundation for the company to become the main supplier of liquid crystal materials.
       2007, the company won the Ministry of industry and information technology project support, made the construction of an annual output of 100 tons of liquid crystal materials production base in the Nanjing chemical industry park.
      2012, independent development of the “indene ring” core monomer and its formula held product identification, won the praise of industry letter Ministry at home and a panel of industry experts.
       In addition to display using liquid crystal material, we also actively develop other display technology and electronic chemical materials. 2014, developed i Polymeric liquid crystal materials for optical film was re-elected as the major scientific and technological achievements transformation project of Jiangsu Province, is expected to become the company a business growth.

       2015, Hecheng Display listed in “NEEQ” successfully, officially entered the new development journey.

10 years,thanks for accompanying all the way
       Successful business comes from the harmony of people. The reason why HCCH is able to develop and grow gradually, became the most important supplier of liquid crystal materials internal, is we have a strong team of talent and every employee who always adhere to self-improvement and hard work.
        HCCH’s name taken from the meaning of “ people harmonious, business successful”. Because we realize that only the staff has good development, the company can develop well, the enterprise value can be maximized, the company can develop in the long run. Ten years, the company has always been fulfill the important mission of people-centered, providing broad platform for the development of every staff. Therefore although HCCH has only experienced 10 years of history, but there are plenty of people who working for 3 years, 5 years or 7,8 years.
        Thank you, every hardworking R & D person! HCCH has a High quality team with promising young talents and strong fighting capacity, cultivated a group of high-level professional personnel with high expertise level, innovation ability, and able to lead the development of enterprises . Many talented people have access to scientific and technical personnel policy support like National thousands of people plan, Jiangsu Province doctor and talent plan, Provincial innovation team, the city’s high-end team, etc. It is such a strong talent team  brought the breakthrough for the company time and time again, has made an indelible contribution for the company’s d   evelopment.
        Thank you, every dedicated production line worker! If the R & D is the core, then the production is the cornerstone. If the cornerstone is not firm, the development of the road will not be stable or smooth. If there is no hard –working production workers, and then the advanced invention can not be turned into a product, to achieve value.
        The company has a group of industrious production workers. They fighting in the first-line, dressed of clean clothes from head to toe; They are accompanied by the machine, contribute their own strength silently in the winter cold summer heat production workshop.
        Thank you, very indefatigable back office staff. Including administrative personnel who taking part in all kinds of work, HR specialist who recruiting followers, financial personnel who in charge of the finances, sales staff who bring revenue for the company and program control staff who responsible for the company’s overall logistics.
        10 years,thanks for accompanying all the way. Every person who has been or is making a contribution!
        10 years, 365 days, short and long. 10 years, is just the first step in the long journey, facing a new starting point and new challenge, HCCH will continue to stride ahead.