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Hecheng Display listed in “NEEQ” successfully

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        Jiangsu Hecheng Display technology Co.,LTD  listed in the National Equities Exchange and Quotations(NEEQ) on August 28, 2015 successfully.( Company abbreviation:HCCH;  Stock code: 833241). Sun Jian, board chairman, and Sun Qiangui, party secretary of company location-- Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province, attended the listing ceremony.
      HCCH founded in 2005. In this decade, we work hard with a pioneering spirit, innovation in science and technology oriented, based on independent research and development , not only in the field of display liquid crystal materials, made a number of technological breakthroughs, broke the monopoly of foreign patents, but also continue to explore liquid crystal material application in the non-display areas, and actively explore the market size of the liquid crystal material. Since then officially embarked on a new journey to embrace the capital market.

    Breaking the international monopoly with innovation and patent
      At present, there are more than a dozen companies involved in the production of liquid crystal materials, but the majority of enterprises are small, with a short development period, limited technology accumulation and market influence , not to mention the international competitiveness. It all boils down to the lacking of independent innovation and patent. In the liquid crystal material field, the technology intensive industry, has no proprietary technology and independent patent, means dancing on cutter edge with bare feet, may become bloodshed at any time, and even forced to withdraw from the stage. 
       HCCH has a profound understanding on this point. We established the concept of science and technology innovation since foundation and pay attention to the layout of the independent patent. Taking innovation as the spear, and constantly develop new technologies, new products, while improving product quality, enhance the competitive edge with the domestic and foreign products. Currently has a product chain of more than 500 series, 2000 kinds of products. More than 10 products obtained scientific and technological achievements appraisal. The properties of TFT-LCD mixture are quite comparable with foreign advanced products, part of the performance even better than foreign products. Therefore obtain the excellent new product award of Jiangsu Province. Taking patent as the shield , apply for patents of invention in China, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries , protect their own rights and interests in market competition at home and abroad . Currently have applied for patents 264, authorized 72 patents at home and abroad, of which 1 are the United States, Taiwan 5.
      Independent and innovation, Let the company grow as the main supplier of liquid crystal materials, and successfully entered the international market competition, effectively breaking the monopoly of foreign companies.

Conform to the national policy, expand market share
      In 2014, the office of the national development and Reform Commission, the general office of the Ministry of industry and information technology jointly issued the on the organization and implementation of new flat panel display industry specific R & D and related matters notice. One emphasis is to support high generation(generation 6 and above) thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) with high performance mixed liquid crystal material research, development and industrialization of. Moreover, to get more policy support, some domestic panel makers such as BOE, Huaxing Power must use a certain proportion of domestic liquid crystal material. These measures will lead to the development of domestic liquid crystal materials industry directly.
      HCCH equip with the ship of state support policies, and set the giant sail of "science and technology independent innovation patent", continue to integrate resources, expand sales channels in the liquid crystal material market. And carry out in-depth cooperation with the domestic large panel enterprise Tianma Group, BOE and Ivo, Huaxing Power, forming a stable supply. In addition, depend on technology and patents, crowded into the Taiwan area, as well as Japan, South Korea market, successful expanded the market share.
Listing is the starting point, the journey ahead
      After ten years of hard work, the company has the technology, patents, with the market, funds, now successfully listed in “NEEQ”. How to fight in the wave of capital market is a new topic to everyone.
       Listing is the starting point, the journey ahead! We must continue to adhere to the spirit of innovation of science and technology, Continue to break through in technology, strive for perfection in the product, and firmly grasp the market demand and changes, enhance the market operation ability.