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Customer satisfaction, meet requirements.
Full participation, continuous improvement.
Take the customer as the center, the customer demand is the basic starting point

Meet the requirements is to adhere to the “say, write, do” consistent principle, leading role and full participation,to achieve continuous improvement, to become the world’s outstanding enterprise in display material field. Product environmental protection information

1) The company’s products do not involve “tantalum, tin, gold, tungsten,” and the company commitment to product supply chain comply with relevant requirements of the electronic industry code of conduct (EICC), prohibit the use of relates to areas of conflict related “tantalum, tin, tungsten, gold and other minerals.”

2) The company’s products meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, products from the end of a design that is, consider the meet the environmental requirements of customers, from source material end consider products do not contain items related to harmful substances, regularly send samples recognized as qualified third-party testing agencies testing products of harmful substances in, to scale to meet the RoHS 2.0, reach SVHC, no halogen and other related content requirements.



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