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Enterprise development strategy
Focus on the display of relevant materials and green energy saving products R & D and industrialization, and strive to become an outstanding enterprise in the field of display materials in the world.


Continuous innovation continues to grow
JIANGSU HECHENG DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD was founded in 2005, it is a high-tech enterprise which specialized in LCD material and energy-saving material’s research, production and sales. Company built three production bases in Baixia district Nanjing , Liuhe and Yangzhong, Zhenjiang. Built two R & D bases-- Flat panel display materials engineering technology research center of Jiangsu province and Enterprise technology center of Jiangsu Province, occupies a total area of area of 70000 square meters, a full-time staff of 450 people, college degree or above accounted for 80%. Company has an annual production capacity of 50 tons of liquid crystal materials, sales amount remained in more than 30% of the annual growth rate in recent years, good momentum of development, has been rated for “hundreds of outstanding scientific and technological growth oriented enterprises of Jiangsu Province”, “private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province” and “Science and technology type SMEs of Jiangsu Province”.
    HCCH emphasizes on innovation and always adhere to the scientific management ideas of independent innovation, and constantly develop new products and new technology, has accumulated for more than 150 invention patents, 10 authorized invention patents , developed more than 500 series mixed liquid crystal products, including TFT, 3D, OLED and dye LC materials. independent development of the “indene ring” as the core structure of the liquid crystal compound system and product, breaking the monopoly of the patent, can be substituted with phenyl and naphthalene ring as the core of the liquid crystal material. HCCH is the only one company with this patented technology, based on the domestic market, the company’s products are exported to South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other overseas markets.

Full supply display material
We provide all kinds of liquid crystal materials, to comprehensive coverage the competitive advantage of flat panel display materials and energy-efficient product, is committed to provide customers with innovative product portfolio, adjust and the develop various applications flexibly, to grasp the market opportunities.
With excellent product performance advantages and catching up with international level of technical strength, HCCH laid the dominant position in domestic LCD materials market and established a strategic partnership with large LCD panel enterprises downstream, work together to promote the localization of the liquid crystal material.
Research and development
    R & D institutions now has more than 100 R & D personnel engaged in new materials and new application development, 1 distinguished expert of the national “one thousand people plan“, 2 talents of “ innovation and entrepreneurship program “, 1 doctor of the “Doctoral program”. Diversified R & D team contains a chemical synthesis team, LCD and a mixture of R & D team, photoelectric R & D team, as well as chemical analysis team, to provide a complete product development and technology development.
    Every team leader has several years of experience in the relevant industry, and the introduction of international R & D management ideas and patent layout planning, mastered the core technology with independent intellectual property rights in the field of liquid crystal display. In addition, In order to expand the international field of vision and cultivate the observation of professional field ,R & D team participates in International Symposium on concurrent articles regularly,.
    The company set up “Jiangsu province flat panel display materials engineering and technology research center“, and actively carry out the research of flat panel display and energy saving related materials. The research center is equipped with a chemical analysis laboratory, a new application development laboratory, a laboratory for organic materials synthesis, a liquid crystal mixture analysis laboratory, and a patent strategy room. Chemical analysis laboratory equipped with GC-MS, DSC, moisture tester; Optoelectronic Physics Lab equipped with screen optical analyzer (DMS-505), liquid crystal current analyzer (Toyo6254), the liquid crystal box photoelectric measuring instrument, anchor fixed energy measuring instrument, pretilt angle measuring instrument and liquid crystal energy measuring instrument. In order to study the properties of the liquid crystal materials, the test equipment is developed and set up in the part of the liquid crystal materials, and it has reached the leading level of the world technology in the relevant field.